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Bridgewater Financial Group, LLC

Bridgewater Financial Group, LLC

President and Financial Advisor

(330) 998-2519

Our Mission

To provide clients with personalized financial advice in the areas of investment management, insurance, estate planning, and risk management related issues. 

We seek clients interested in a complete advisory relationship and rarely accept transaction based accounts. 

Our objective is to inform clients in a manner they can understand with trust and integrity.  They are the reason we exist. 

We will utilize a “client-centered” approach that allows our clients to experience an advisory relationship that manages their expectations, all the while maintaining the human element.  Understanding and listening to our clients as people, and not just numbers, is essential to success.  Attainment of their financial goals is our number one priority. 

Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between intentions and financial achievement.  Implementation and accountability is the key to our success.


This is our mission…